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How To Set Out Your Mission Statement When Branding Your New Company?

Branding forms the core of any modern company’s vision for success. Additionally, branding needs to align with the purpose and values of the business or the organisation. If your brand has to stand for value, the mission statement needs to ensure customers served and promises

Why Business Branding Is So Much More Than Choosing A Name!

What’s in a name? Not much, brand marketers would hold. Names, logos and tag-lines are only skimming the surface. You need to go in deep and enable your brand to communicate who you are, your market identity, product, what the product means to consumers and

The Biggest Misconceptions That People Have About Branding

The term branding is used so synonymously with many other related terms such as advertising, business development, marketing and product promotion that its tangible benefits and core purpose are misconstrued by businessmen. This is the reason why an endeavour so crucial as branding, unfortunately gets

How Good Branding can Change the Game on Your Pathwwway to Success!

Branding refers to more than just company colours or logos. Through brand building, a company creates an identity to sell products and services and distinguish themselves from the competition. All that enables a customer or just about anyone to form an impression of your company

Marketing Skills

How does business branding work and what are the benefits for your company?

Understanding how branding works and what it can do to benefit your company will give you a huge edge over the ever-growing competition. Regardless of your business’s industry, every company can benefit from Pathwwway’s extensive knowledge. Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference? Many people in