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How Do You Increase The Efficacy Of An Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing remains one of the most important and efficient ways to reach new and existing customers. But connecting with your audience is easier said than done. How do you go about improving the efficiency of email marketing strategies? Here to help you on how

Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant In Today’s Business World?

With consumerism and personalized marketing becoming the norms of present age marketing, consumers have become more demanding in terms of their expectation of choices, quality and customer care. Email marketing is one influential way of reaching out to customers across geographical frontiers, to inform, educate

How to target millennials with your email marketing strategy

With every year that goes by Millennials increase their buying power and become a bigger part of the economy. Predictions for 2017 show that Millennials buying power will reach $200 billion per year in the U.S. How does your marketing stand with these potential customers?

Email Marketing Versus Social Media: Which Is The Best For Your Business?

Email marketing and social media have been likened to apples and oranges. But the fruits of each of these marketing strategies differ considerably. For the purpose of growing businesses, marketing experts need to identify which channel is worth investment for a better performance. While some