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10 Modern Web Marketing Tools For Online Internet Retail Companies

Internet marketing is viral. It is far-reaching and has a multiplying effect on the bottom-line. The web is resplendent with a multitude of marketing tools that can be effectively used in reaching out to your preferred target audience.

#1 Bitly

Bitly is one of the indispensables that go into the marketing toolkit of internet retailers. It is a sensible and handy tool in modern web marketing that shortens links and also manages them.

  • Links are the best ways to market your brand. Every business takes painstaking efforts to build links. To ensure that these links pay-back, it is essential that they look appealing for people. Bitly does this by shortening lengthy links and making them concise.
  • By providing real-time stats, insights, customized reports and by measuring audience intelligence, Bitly has launched many emerging retail brands onto the mainstream from the periphery.

#2 Google Adwords

Google Adwords pushes your online retail brand to figure in the top pages of search results, so that quality traffic is diverted to your online exposure. Adwords specialists design and place strategic ads in the online media and only charge when visitors click on those ads.

  • Google Adwords increase brand awareness using techniques like text-based search ads, smart phone mobile ads as well as video ads.
  • Your brand is advertised to a whole new segment of audience by posting across the vast network of Google, like Gmail, Google Talk and Youtube, to bring you proven results either on a local or global basis.

#3 Feedly

Feedly enhances the performance of your content. Feedly allows you to stream content and customize reading experience for employees, customers and social media followers. By creating an engaging list to read, in an organized manner, it is possible to create a vast list of followers, so that the Pathwwway Gaming content sorted by you assumes a viral effect.

  • Feedly is a powerful RSS feed generator. By acting as a single-point digital news hub, its capabilities as a lead generator is limitless.
  • It can enhance your inbound marketing strategies, by making you as a knowledge leader who can craft curated content and remain at the top of industry trends.
  • Feedly enables you to boost the performance of your sales team by presenting, sharing useful branding literature and sector insights.

#4 Canva

Canva is a an excellent tool to make your online campaigns visually appealing on an engaging substrate with relevant images and manicured backgrounds. Whether your business needs to make an engaging slide presentation or an online brochure for email marketing, it is worthwhile to invest in Canva, which offers a lot of free and paid marketing products.

#5 Zendesk

Zendesk offers comprehensive software solutions for internet retail businesses to energize their customer relationships.

  • A newly formed internet business has to build lasting relationships with employees, vendors and customers in order to establish its brand, by turning all relevant interactions of the business into brand building endeavours.
  • It makes report generation a rewarding exercise by analyzing insights and prioritizing only those metrics that are relevant for decision making.
  • It leverages customer relationships by resolving queries in a friction-free manner and creates a stream of satisfied customers. This has a direct effect on the bottom line.


ZOHO is a household name in the web marketing sector, providing holistic solutions not only in CRM, but in people management and accounting as well.

  • The CRM from ZOHO is not only a tool for customer acquisition and retention, but also a management tool for the entire sales force.
  • Personalized campaigns and mass mailers can be sent to different lists with different content.
  • Lead generation is made easy by storing and retrieving thousands of leads according to their nature and preferences.

#7 Optimizely

Optimizely is yet another popular and cost effective tool for managing customer relationships. As the name suggests, this unique web marketing tool optimizes your investment in customer relationship management.

  • It works on client retention by making interactions of returning customers with your business more memorable and unique.
  • It provides extensive experimentation opportunities to personalize customer experiences. In the day of experiential marketing, customer needs are duly acknowledged using Optimizely.
  • The platform called Optimizely X is a the ultimate testing facility for your new ideas and marketing strategies, so that risks are absorbed at the right time.

#8 Mandrill

Mandrill is the latest web marketing tool in the e-mail marketing scenario that presents a value-added service for sending data-driven and engaging e-mails.

  • This is a useful add-on for subscribers of mailchimp, the proven platform for email marketing. Using both API and SMTP integration, the tool enables high levels of personalization in email campaigns.
  • What internet retailers expect from mass mailers is more targeted reach-out. Mandrill addresses this by reducing latency through its advanced distribution infrastructure.
  • It is possible to procure dedicated IP addresses at a nominal monthly fee to ensure focussed attention on sending transactional Pathwwway Gaming marketing e-mails.

#9 Referral Candy

It is the right tool to boost the potentiality of your referral marketing initiatives. Referral candy has been extremely successful in running referral programs of a large number of e-commerce establishments.

  • Customers are provided with their own referral links that minimizes their effort in referring your brand. Word-of-mouth marketing is effectively harnesses and becomes an indispensable tool in customer acquisition and retention.
  • When customers share the link with friends, special offers are pointed out to those friends in an influential manner.
  • Useful analytics are provided, the results of which can be used by online retailers to improvise their referral programs in the future.

#10 Social Mention

Social mention is a popular social search engine that benefits internet retail businesses by searching user generated content across the social media. After having invested resources in social media, e-commerce businesses look forward to find out what their followers are saying about them.

  • It is possible to cull out search results for your brand on a single window, from various social media networks. Currently, Social Mention monitors over 100 networks including Twitter, You Tube, FriendFeed and Facebook.
  • Information is provided on a real time basis, making way for analysis, control and timely action.