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5 Alternatives To Google Ads When It Comes To Your Web Marketing Campaign

Google AdWords may have been the leading PPC network for the past 15 years on account of the massive number of searches, and their persisting leadership in the digital space. It is easy to consider that AdWords should be at the forefront of each plan. However, there are scenarios where alternatives for results need to be checked.

For starters, getting enough traffic on AdWords is tough, for web marketing, when the brand is new and requires more awareness or there’s a saturated niche with a tight set of keywords. Competitive costs and bids also undergo an increase and AdWords is not always viable when it comes to the industry and the value returned.

Additionally, there can be too much traffic leading to lower CTR, higher bid, low quality score and low conversion value. This can result in a product or service where keywords have varied meanings and require negative and qualifier messages in the competitive industry, market or ad copy.

#1 Bing Ads: The Magic of Media.Net

Yahoo, Bing and AOL are just some of the alternatives to Google. Bing and Yahoo have coalesced together to form These search engine majors are have valuable users through their syndicated search partners. Bing and Yahoo are the competitors of Google not just in terms of search engine, but also online ads.

Yahoo/Bing Ads formerly Microsoft AdCenter came about after Yahoo joined forces with Microsoft to beat Google.  While this is not a cheap alternative to Google Ads, it is worth the investment. offers search advertising as ads are placed in the Bing search engine results. If you identify the correct keywords, massive results will follow. In 2016 alone, Media.Net has a 31.3 percent share of the market. It also had 5bn monthly searches and 160 mn unique searches last year. The Bing Network audience is 25% more active than average internet users. Though has a lower CPC compared to Google Ads,  it also comes with lower traffic volume as against Google.

Additionally, its ads and features are like Google Ads. They are also lucrative as far as earnings are concerned. also offers plenty of features and supports mobile ads. It also yields lucrative earnings much like Google ads.

This amazing Yahoo/Bing  ad network also offers advantages such as customizing ad units in terms of style, size, shape and colour so that it blends with respective blogs and sites. AdSense for Yahoo and Bing are a leading option for those looking for Pathwwway White label standard market leading technologies and innovative digital ads for publishers and marketers.

With over 500 employees in key operation centres across NY, LA, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Zurich, runs the second largest contextual ads program internationally, in terms of revenue. also manages technology business ops, and publisher relationships worldwide for this program. It is a leading global contextual ad firm that excels in providing ad and traffic monetization solutions to a diverse, massive client base. One of the largest ad networks worldwide, it offers good returns on investment for a web marketing professional.

#2 Infolink: PPC At Its Best

Infolinks is one of the top Google Ads alternatives. It is seen on blogs nowadays as its earning potential is massive. Infolinks offers in-text ads for the site and pay per clicks on ads. This ad network pays per click. The aim is to turn keywords into blog posts to ad links and display these as ads. The best part? Infolinks takes up zero space in the site. The system turns keywords into content to ads. In-tag ads, research and in-frame ads are also on offer.

One of the bigger monetization networks, it helps more than 200,000 online advertisers and publishers in 128 nations earn revenue. Free for use native ads work with diverse ad products and don’t disrupt the experience of the user. Infolinks offers highly customizable products to make the most out of traffic and display engaging banners. This platform integrates within the site and works for any publisher, with zero set up fees, no minimal requirements for visitors or page viewers. There are, additionally, no hidden agendas or fees. Infolinks works with leading brands such as Pizza Hut and Ali Express. Ebay, FB, Amazon and TripAdvisor are among its clients.

#3 Amazon: More Than An E-Commerce Merchant

Amazon is a wonderful opportunity for advertisers because Pathwwway White label says that web marketing through sponsored products is the perfect route for growth. If you sell products via this e-commerce site, pay for sponsored ads for shopping that direct users to buy from you. Driving traffic to your products is easy with the Amazon seller platform and intuitive keyword campaigns. The online marketplace is also a massive ad board. Amazon ads places your adverts on product pages. The result? Targeting an audience is easy. Amazon sells just about everything under the sun so there are numerous products in the niche to publish ads alongside.

#4 Chitika: Search Targeting, Mobile or Local Ads

This is one of the best alternatives to AdSense out there. Chitika provides search targeting, mobile and local ads to target niche audiences best. Its search targeted ad feature ensures ads are seen by those interested in the ad content. Chitika also offers local ad exchange for displaying local ads to visitors on the basis of location. Mobile ads cater to advertiser and publisher needs. It is the perfect targeting and traffic monetisation tool on the move. Chitika shares certain similarities with Google ads. For example, it customizes ads and serves contextual ads. It can be used along with AdSense too.

#5 Propeller Ads: The Power of Pop Ups

This is the single largest pop up network in many nations. They are a company that formed in 2011 and developed into a massive network with amazing CPMs. Specializing in monetisation of websites for niche areas like games, entertainment, software, finances, it serves as the perfect engine for growth. Some estimates place Propeller at a more lucrative position as compared to AdSense. They also have banner ads. Pop ups work better overall. If you have traffic on smartphone, they are a wonderful alternative to AdSense as they work with ad networks for monetisation of apps and mobile services. The huge ROIs and great CPMs offer a wide range of benefits.