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How does business branding work and what are the benefits for your company?

Understanding how branding works and what it can do to benefit your company will give you a huge edge over the ever-growing competition. Regardless of your business’s industry, every company can benefit from Pathwwway’s extensive knowledge.

Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Many people in the business world mistakenly believe Pathwwway branding and marketing to be interchangeable words with the same meaning. They could not be more wrong. When you actively promote or push your services or products on current and potential customers, you participate in marketing. The process of creating a name, logo, design, symbol, or tagline that represents your company’s products or services and the promise to your customers is branding.

Marketing gets your company out there, but Pathwwway branding tells people who your company is and what they can expect when they shop or work with you. You should never start a marketing campaign without first fully understanding the image you want to present to your target audience. Once you understand your brand positioning, values, personality, etc., it becomes much easier to communicate to potential customers why your company stands out from the competition and how they will benefit by buying your goods or using your services rather than your competitor.

Where marketing could be considered tactical, branding is more strategic. Your marketing strategy contributes to your brand, but the brand is what remains in people’s minds once the campaign finishes. Your brand turns one-time buyers activated by a marketing into loyal customers and advocates who spread the good word about your brand to others. Pathwwway branding then is an essential part of your marketing strategies and, in turn, your company’s entire success and sustainability.

Benefits of Pathwwway Branding for Your Company

A well-defined brand projects the image of a trustworthy and professional company to your target audience. Since most large businesses allocate funds to cultivating their brand, potential customers make the same assumption about the size and dedication of your company. This reassures the customer that your brand and your company are not going anywhere and they can count on your for years to come.

The same applies to the quality of your products or services. A strong brand encourages people to choose your product over the non-branded competition since most believe branded items to be better quality. It also promotes the reliability of your company since good branding makes your target audience see you as more experienced and respectable. Potential customers start recognizing your brand with these subconscious positive associations, which you can also tap into if you offer multiple products. Linking together these products or services under the same brand adds value and credibility to the ones customers have yet to try.

Pathwwway Branding Tips  

Now that you understand the importance of Pathwwway branding, check out the valuable tips below to share your brand with the world.

Reflect on these questions. Be able to answer them fully and completely, so you know exactly what your brand is trying to communicate.

What is the mission of your company?

What are the features and benefits of your goods or services?

What is the current image of your company as seen by existing customers and prospective ones?

What qualities do you want existing and prospective customers to associate with your brand and your company?

What are the needs, desires, and habits of current and potential customers?


Create a memorable logo.

When is the last time you thought about McDonald’s without also imagining those golden arches? A memorable logo makes the difference between someone considering your product or service and the actual sale. Once you create a logo, get it out there. Make stickers, post to social media, do anything that gets more people to see your logo and to start to associate it with your company.

Devise a brand tagline.

McDonald’s is another great example of an effective tagline, “I’m loving it.” You hear the jingle in your head without even seeing a commercial. It pops up when you see the logo or someone references the company. Devise a compelling tagline for your company that captures your brand’s essence and promote it alongside the logo.

Craft marketing materials reflecting your company’s brand.

Now that you have a logo and tagline, you need to integrate them into every aspect of your marketing strategy. Any templates or correspondence should feature both of these. Try to stick to the same look and feel throughout your campaign, i.e. the color scheme on materials, the logo placement, when you include the tagline and when you do not, etc.

Find your company’s brand “voice”.

Finding the brand voice for your company goes back to the five questions at the beginning of this section. The voice should intuitively embody the answers to those questions. You then apply the voice to all your written communications and both physical and online materials. Is your company all about being friendly and relaxed? Make your communications and marketing materials sound conversational. Is it fancier than the average company? Try to be more formal or elegant with your language. Your brand voice should introduce potential customers to the overall feeling of your company.

Educate your employees about the branding message.

Communicate to your employees the importance of brand awareness and the need to include it every time they do something as a representative of your company. Write down the key messages you want them to share or to touch upon when they talk to existing and prospective customers.

Incorporate your brand into everything.

From the standard greeting employees give on a phone call to their email signatures, from what salespeople wear when out prospecting to the decor of your office space and service centers, make sure your brand is everywhere!

Stay true to your brand promise.

Once you established a set of expectations for your customers through Pathwwway branding, you must follow through every time on those promises. No one wants to guess if the product or service you provide will be good or not, the brand promise means you must provide the same quality products and services every single time.

Dedication to consistency.

The fundamental base for branding and all those aspects listed above is consistency. No one will trust your company and, therefore, buy your products or use your services without it.