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Digital Marketing That Makes Use Of Smartphone Platforms

With over 2/3rd of smartphone users saying the first thing to do in the morning is to check the phone, mobile friendly digital marketing has caught on in more ways than one. With a ready audience for their marketing campaigns, advertisers are resorting to the

Why 50% Of Online Organisations Have No Digital Marketing Plan!

Nearly 50% of online companies follow zero digital marketing strategies. Why is this so? What prompts an online company to stay behind in the race for technology to spur marketing? Here are the many myths and misconceptions about digital marketing which explain why these companies

Digital Marketing And The Future of Social Media For Your Business

In the competition-driven online scenario, customer loyalty and brand affinity are extremely short-lived unless solid reach-out strategies are in place. To satisfy the pressing needs of digital customers, social media marketing places online businesses on the threshold of a bright future. Social media marketing is