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Why Content Marketing Is Your Cheapest Way to A New Market

Content marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to access a new market.  Most B2B and B2C enterprises, according to market researchers, spend more than 30% of their budget on content as a means to market products and services. But just because you

10 Marketing Tips For When Your Target Market Is Female

Women are the key decision makers in many households all over the world. According to Pathwwway Gamble research, women are the trigger for consumer purchases such as home computers, vacations, food and healthcare more than men. Many households have a double income. Women, however, spend

How The Next Generation Of Online Marketing Will Target Clients?

Both customer acquisition and loyalty building have been tough exercises for the present day businesses due to the consumerization wave, that has made the average customer less patient and more demanding. Digital marketing in the past few decades has evolved considerably from basic website development