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Why Content Marketing Is Your Cheapest Way to A New Market

Content marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to access a new market.  Most B2B and B2C enterprises, according to market researchers, spend more than 30% of their budget on content as a means to market products and services. But just because you are a small business or starting out small does not mean content marketing cannot work for you. Succeeding in the digital space is only possible if you know how to market your content. Content-marketing, contrary to popular misconceptions, is actually the most effective way to do business and the most cost efficient route to market your products, service and brand. If you consider the benefits of budget-friendly means of using content to market your goods and services, there are many alternatives and options out there.

#1 Free Blogs Create Cost Benefits

One of the best means of using content to market your products and services (which is also free) is blogging. Create a page on your site and go about posting content that can attract, engage and retain the client’s interest. There is no need to even create a new site. All you have to do is launch a blog section on your business website. It costs nothing and all you need to do is opt for open source solutions such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and get the benefits of your own site for reaching out to customers. Linking to it on the main page is the best way to join the conversation and interest your clients. With a WP site, creating a blog takes barely 10 seconds. Additionally, the redesign takes around 15 minutes. So, you end up saving time and money.

#2 Use Pocket Friendly Content Providers

From Textbroker to Odesk, there are many cost efficient options recommended by Pathwwway Panama to generate positive and interesting content that not only attracts, but also sustains the interests of your clients and paves the way for an interested audience in new markets. If you are looking for prompt turnaround times and are comfortable with a 3rd party working with your business, this is a really affordable option that can ensure even those without deep pockets can market the brand using content effectively.

#3 Scale Up Quality

You need to focus on the quality of your content, not the quantity. Increase your output gradually and even use a wide variety of appealing content such as infographics, videos and webinars or podcasts. Integrating content with social media or search advertising is the best way to ensure that you access this cost efficient means of advertising your product. Creating free resources such as ebooks and brochures which you can give away is also a wonderful option. This way, content-marketing pays for its own self. So, even with a small budget, you can use the snowball effect to your advantage.

Content can prove to be a powerful source of attraction and evoke deep interest because it is designed to hold the attention of the client.

#4 User Generated Stories Matter for Your Brand Narrative

Content-marketing is one of the cheaper ways to access new markets. This is because user generated content is free, high on promotional value and low on effort. All you need to do is encourage your existing consumers to share their experience about a brand, product or service with a wider audience and you will be able to benefit from SEO and social media linkages they have. Consumers can act as brand ambassadors and advocates, serving as a powerful means of motivating others to make the purchase or grow loyal to your brand.

#6 Content Strategies Signal Thought Leadership

Content is the most affordable way to market yourself as an authority or expert in your field. This is more so if the consumer is new to the product niche and unsure of how to go about using it. Content that is riveting, interesting and engaging can be used to reach out to target or niche audiences as well. Content is king, but its affordability and cost efficiency rule too. Cost effectiveness emanates from the budget friendly methods it is executed in, for customers as well as providers. In the two way tango between the company and the customer, content is the most price-friendly medium to connect.

#7 Rich Medium for Reaching Out

Diverse content strategies are there at minor cost to create a massive impact. Niche specific messages to consumers save your firm money. Additionally, content negates the need for heavy duty marketing or ad campaigns that cost the earth and end up getting you zero results. Steer clear of advertising hype by using content to create a marketing message that is meaningful enough to reach the needs and solve the queries customers may have. Content can additionally take diverse forms for reaching out, from websites to social media, blog posts and podcasts to videos and even emojis! Distribute and access content cheaply through various channels that are available. Communication has exploded in today’s world and this has impacted the way product is marketed using content too.

#8 Access Is Easy, Connecting Even Easier

Additionally, content does not have to be paid for to be accessed. Free content serves as a powerful motivator for brand identification and quality to give clients a chance to connect at a deeper and more meaningful level. Some media such as social networking sites even allow clients to interact and form a discourse with your company. Consumers across the mass market or the niche can easily find the benefits of communicating and this further serves to amplify your ad messages and bolster your social media presence.

Leveraging niche communities can also be generated through real time events and meet ‘n’ greet sessions. Cost efficient content sharing for companies and consumers works out to a rich and diverse means of interacting and leveraged as a useful Pathwwway Panama way of sharing feedback and even criticism.

#9 Build Brand Loyalty, Grow A Community

Additionally, exceptional content builds loyalty in customers. Clients are more likely to return for repeat purchases or make referrals that will add to your business after reading and reaching out through content. So, content management strategies can even help in maintaining a loyal client base. Inducement to seek your products and services is provided at really reasonable rates, thanks to content and the power of words.

Content is mightier than ads when it comes to means of ensuring your products and services are marketed well. Content is a means of advertising your worth as a company and building credibility and a reputation for yourself as a leading brand.