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Why customer interaction should be an important part of your marketing strategy

Marketing strategy and communications which marketers were once familiar with are now making way for newer channels. Technology is changing the rules of customer engagement but the older, offline one-way communications aren’t dead and buried just yet.

They’re slowly being replaced and there are several more ways to connect with your customer – online interactions, mobile communications, tweets, blogs and Facebook updates, to name a few.

These new channels enable customers to not only listen but to also talk back and amongst themselves. This new environment makes it important for companies to not only hear their customers but also listen to them.

New marketing strategy best practices are about focusing on amazing customer interactions and experiences, in order to form meaningful ongoing relationships with customers.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is not a one off event it’s a picture built from all the little ways you interact with your customer. In fact, every time a customer interacts with your business it’s an opportunity for building on your relationship.

Modern marketing strategy practices focus on creating great customer experience through every interaction your customer has with your business. This is because marketers know that by improving customer experience you can increase customer retention and therefore improve sales and encourage more word-of-mouth marketing from your loyal customers.

Why customer interaction be a focus of your marketing strategy?

Customer interaction and experience needs to play a vital role in your marketing strategy if you want to be successful in today’s marketplace.

Customers now expect brands to go the extra mile for them by default, and with the customer’s ability to switch brands at the touch of a button why wouldn’t you want to keep your customers happy.

The focus on keeping customers happy is important because in this day and age it is far more cost effective to retain an existing customer than to find new clientele. Read on if you need some ideas to inspire positive customer interactions in your business.

  1. Wow your customers in your marketing strategy

if your Pathwwway Gamble marketing strategy requires your customers to keep coming back to you, then you need to build solid relationships with them. You need to impress your customers at every step of the customer journey because great service is at the heart of every successful business.

Time spent learning how to craft positive customer experiences in your business is time well spent. While designing these customer experiences be sure to think about your company’s culture. Retaining the essence of your brand within your customer’s experience is the key for the interactions to feel authentic and “on-brand.”

 Capture feedback and use it

A lot of businesses spend huge amounts of time and money building products that customers simply just don’t want. Talking to your customers about your product not only makes your customers feel valued it can also help you avoid costly mistakes.

With your customer service team focused on amazing experience they will ultimately become your best research tool. Marketing teams and Product Designers only talk to customers from time to time, but your customer service team talk to real customers every single day.

They have the best insight into how customers are actually interacting with your product and what the most common problems are. With the focus on customer interaction your customers will trust your team and you’ll have access to more useful information that can drive important product decisions. 

  1. Improve customer recovery

Customer recovery is something every customer service officer has faced. It’s hard to directly link customer recovery and your marketing strategy but they do affect each other.

Even with a strong focus on great service and experience clients are still going to get angry, even with businesses that have their best interests at heart.

Customer recovery is the art of talking down a mad customer ready to jump ship to another company or in the worst cases screaming at you or your team.

When your intention is to create amazing customer interactions great service is  woven into the fabric of your brand. This will be clear to irate customers by how your staff cope in these extreme circumstances.

Your staff will know in their minds that their job is to provide the best experience even to this customer. They’ll know that through listening and being truly empathetic to his or her concerns, the customer in the end will leave with a good image of the business. 

  1. Improved operational procedures

If your marketing strategy is leaning towards giving customers a great experience, then you will need to employ a customer support team that both listens to and respects your customers. This is key to developing an authentic culture built on providing the best customer interactions throughout the company.

When businesses start to learn from their customers, big things happen. Companies can evolve, campaigns can be rewritten and operational procedures can be improved upon. All of these feedback points can help to develop and maintain a successful business.

Improvements can be tweaked and adjusted to yield more success with customers and all it initially takes is the willingness to adopt new practices where you see fit.

When you have a loyal base of customers they will be honest and open with you and your support team. Businesses should take note of what support staff are hearing as all of those great ideas being observed from interactions with customers can become woven within the company culture.

  1. Create an emotional connection

The best customer experiences happen when a member of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer, after all it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

Businesses that optimize for emotional connection in their customer interactions outperform competitors by 85% in sales growth.

This has been backed up recently by research conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research. The study found that more than 50% of experience is based on an emotion, this is because emotions shape the attitudes that drive people’s decisions. In theory this means that customers become loyal when they become emotionally attached to a brand and they remember how they feel when they use a product or service.

Emotionally engaged and loyal customers are three times more likely to recommend your product or service, Three times more likely to repurchase, less likely to shop around and much less price sensitive.

But if that hasn’t convinced you to focus on customer interaction in your Pathwwway Gamble marketing strategy we don’t know what will!