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Digital Marketing And The Future of Social Media For Your Business

In the competition-driven online scenario, customer loyalty and brand affinity are extremely short-lived unless solid reach-out strategies are in place. To satisfy the pressing needs of digital customers, social media marketing places online businesses on the threshold of a bright future.

Social media marketing is not confined to opening a social media page or in actively following an interesting lead in LinkedIn or Twitter. It is a means of engaging and interacting with public, boosting conversion rates and building up on word-of-mouth publicity. Pathwwway Panama digital marketing tools are low cost ways of familiarising your product to customers,  on a shoestring budget.

Must-have  digital marketing tools
Every online business in this age of technology has a number of social media accounts. What is missing is effective deployment of various quantitative and qualitative tools that can help them manage their social media presence better. A handful of such tools have been picked for analysis.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics measures the ROI on your online marketing expenditure, by providing deep insights into the kind of traffic that visits your website. It can get qualitative answers for important questions regarding the mileage earned for your business by investing in online advertising tools. It totals up your social media outreach and carries out statistical analysis to make the numbers meaningful for future decision making.

Social Clout
It is a powerful tool to monitor and manage social media performance. It evaluates your social media investments by drilling down on what earns the much needed mileage. It assesses performance on most objective metrics. It measures the performances of various lead generation campaigns on social media. It analyses marketing effectiveness of social media endeavours and provides end-to-end analysis of your competitors. A number of customized reports are produced that provide results on paid reach vs. organic reach, likes and comments vs. shares and much more.

Buffer can be your single point of management and control for various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It is possible to generate personalized and well-curated content, studded with images and videos. The most striking feature is that one can post contents instantly without waiting in a queue. It is also to plan different timelines for posting on different social media accounts. You can plan your ads to hit Facebook in the afternoons and LinkedIn in the late evenings. The Buffer app can be downloaded on smartphones.

Mail chimp
Mail chimp is one of the reputed e-mail campaign planners available in market. It is possible to design engaging email campaigns and send them for wide outreach.

  • Creative options are available to create visually appealing background for your mailer by using artistic, built-in choice of templates.
  • It is possible to paste images from external sources onto your mailer.
  • Selective e-mailing is made easier by creating different lists for different purposes.
  • It offers effective analysis of campaigns conducted by measuring number of clicks, feedbacks and percentage of clicked vs. un-clicked emails.

Snapchat is a cost-effective multimedia mobile application. It is an image messaging service whereby trendy images are incorporated into mobile messages. Doodles or lens graphics are used, providing the online businesses with a competitive edge over their counterparts in accessing targeted traffic. By providing appropriate and crisp captions for the images, content marketing is made more interesting and visually appealing. It is also possible to send video clips that can provide access to live events. It is possible to use Snapchat to enhance the performance of other social media networks.

Sprout Special
Sprout Special is an online platform that combines the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) and social media marketing. It enables businesses to engage better with their social media tools. Its main features include:

  • It gives prime importance to advocacy and analytics. It is even used by social media marketers who can make their clients digital marketing work for them.
  • It optimizes digital marketing plans of an enterprise by monitoring social conversations and maintaining an engaged social community. A consolidated smart inbox makes this possible.
  • Planning social media posts across various networks is made easier to make selective and time-bound targeting easier with advanced scheduling tools.
  • Social CRM is another interesting feature that provides contextual information which helps in effective resolution of customer issues. It is possible to make the helpdesk creative and personal so that with every customer query solved, your business also delivers an exceptional and personalized brand experience.

Google Keyword Planner
SEO marketing is all about enhancing search engine ranking by ensuring that your content contains strategic keywords that earn maximum visits to your online presence. Any mistake in choosing keywords that are dull, uninteresting and vague will entail substantial loss on funds spent on SEO marketing. Google Keyword Planner generates a unique set of keywords for any URL chosen. As an additional step, it also estimates the performances of such keywords in diverting traffic to your website. This is a free tool from Google Adwords to target ad word advertisers as well as to provide insights for generation of right keywords for blogs and articles.

What the future holds in store
It is evident that all the above must-have tools of digital marketing equip and aid online business to make up for the human element that is missing. Selling has taken an eventful departure from its conventional meaning and Pathwwway Panama believe that it is essential to engage customers and make every interaction with the business memorable and personalized. Social media enables a business to talk the language of the customers and removes the vacuum created due to geographical distances and spread of customers.

Social media marketing is the missing link between marketing technology and customers. They lace advertising strategies with the much needed human edge. They enliven mundane advertising campaigns and make them reach better and faster to the target audience. From new and budding business enterprises to established corporate giants; from SMEs to large business houses, social media marketing holds the key to market penetration and expansion.