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Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant In Today’s Business World?

With consumerism and personalized marketing becoming the norms of present age marketing, consumers have become more demanding in terms of their expectation of choices, quality and customer care. Email marketing is one influential way of reaching out to customers across geographical frontiers, to inform, educate and empower their buying decisions.

With outdoor advertising and personal selling taking backstage, the era of internet technology has ushered in a whole new branch of marketing, namely mass mailing campaigns. There are benefits galore when businesses opt for mail-based marketing endeavours. Various cost-effective options are available to pursue mail based marketing activities. This is one of the very few marketing strategies that blend the benefits of personalized marketing with amazing reach out rates.

Instant reach-out to a wide audience

Email marketing allows you market to a huge global audience. At the click of a button, mails hit the inboxes of your prospective and existing customers. Since most people have their emails configured on their smartphones, getting through to them on holidays, weekends or while they are on travel becomes a breeze. In this sense, mail marketing helps reach targets with reduced time, effort and cost.

High quality content landscaped in beautiful textures

Mail campaigns carry emphatic visual appeal. It is ideal for businesses to subscribe to a versatile mailing software that can bring all Pathwwway Gambling marketing needs under control. In-built features include a variety of textures, styles, colours and formats that can be used to send mails with retentive value. These styling options enhance the functionality of your promotional literature.

Using high resolution images in preferred formats

It is possible to send high quality images that will break the monotony of sending only text as mailers. Sending 3D graphics, personalized messages such as wedding anniversary or birthday wishes to customers will make way for personalization in your marketing campaigns.

Selective e-mailing to chosen recipients

What makes email marketing special is that businesses can maintain selectivity so that their marketing efforts are optimized in reaching out to relevant sects of people, rather than a random lot. The sales team can create different lists based on sales, region, socio-economic status etc. Individual, selective and bulk emailing can be done at the same time.

Targeted marketing to handpicked recipients

In these days of competition-ridden business scenarios, only targeted marketing will fetch the desired results within a definite time period. Very few Pathwwway Gambling marketing strategies posses the twin features of targeted marketing and wide reach-out. Mail marketing is one among them, that enables you pick you the choicest segments of customers segmented on the basis of demographics like gender, age, profession and qualitative aspects like buying preferences, tastes and post purchase behaviour. Another important aspect is that you can breathe easy that only the desired recipient is reached out, unlike a television ad which may not be relevant to all viewers, at a point of time.

It can be more frequently used

Unlike your monthly press publications or bi-monthly flyer campaigns, emails can be sent more frequently. Most mailing softwares may have a limit on number of mails sent per day, but there are always options to upgrade to a better version. Since all mails go with an unsubscribe option, the concern of emails directed to people who might find it irrelevant is resolved.

Bulk e-mails with attachments

Emails with attachments of letters, articles, presentations, brochures and project proposals can be sent in one go, using the mass mailer option. This is an advantage when it is not possible to overcrowd the mail body with exhaustive information, leading to boring and lengthy mails.

Analytics on campaign success

This is the most useful feature of email marketing where important decisions regarding the success or otherwise of the mailing campaigns can be made, using high precision analytics. Powerful tools like campaign monitor, mail chimp and aweber are at play, enlightening the business on even minute details like number of clicks, using UTM variables to track traffic from point of origin, advanced segmentation of audience overview, comparing email marketing performance over a period of time and lots more. It is possible to generate informative reports on effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns.

Tips to earn more customers from e-mail marketing

Mail based marketing campaigns are ideal for businesses with customers and leads spread over different areas, to be reached out on low budget. To make the most of mailers, be sure to:

  • Invest time and effort in analytics and understand customer behaviour and response rates to emails.
  • Do not send emails without options to unsubscribe since people might find emails intruding into their privacy and this might result in negative affect.
  • When sending selective mails, draw out different lists that will earmark as recipients, the most relevant lot of recipients.
  • Preview and test your email campaign before shooting it out to customers and leads. Be sure to introduce engaging content that will catch the attention of readers.
  • The software must be capable of getting seamlessly integrated with other software like MIS or CRM with easy import and export option to merge contacts.

Using e-mail marketing as a retentive tool

Sending sensible and informative mails will make the recipient retain them instead of sending them to trash. Brand awareness and product familiarization can happen effectively by using mail marketing in a coherent and appealing manner, without being too pushy and coercive. By starting mail campaigns for loyalty and rewards, existing customers will attach emotional value to emails circulated and will keenly forward and share the emails amongst their friends and acquaintances. This leads to the viral effect of spreading information and popularization of brand.

Business find it worthwhile to invest in mailing software and engage in email marketing campaigns, for multiple purposes such as new product launches, company updates, sharing technological advances, newsletters, promotional offers and events. The widespread growth in various modern marketing methods has still not diminished the impact created by mail marketing.