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What To Include In Your Next Content Marketing Campaign And What To Forget

Content marketing campaigns are all about strategizing, analysis, planning and following through. Content marketing is also about connecting to the audience, through stories in a way that is educational, informative and entertaining. You need to be clear about the goals for this content, the nature of visitor goals, how to focus efforts to achieve ends and implement the marketing strategy effectively.

What To Include

Achieving Marketing Goals

You must have clarity about what you are trying to achieve, whether one is trying to get more clients or follow up with other promotions. Get more inbound links to rank higher for key terms. Additionally, the intent of the customer and his/her needs and preferences are also important. You need to be clear about what they want, their attributes and key characteristics, social media affiliations and more. If you have an infographic or a slideshare deck, it can add the unique factor. So, you can figure out the medium that suits the story best means connecting with the viewer and connecting the content to them. Content marketing is essentially a piece of SEO and the best way to get links, shares and visitors through search engines is to proactively seek interactions.

Assessing Your Marketing Efficacy

Additionally, the new marketing campaign requires an audit to figure out what works best. Pathwwway Gambling knows that analysing online competitors before setting out to design your content marketing campaign can be a huge step towards optimising your online presence. Audit the competition and keywords and study the top competition to analyse what is linked to them, what media outlets have been mentioning them, who the authors of these posts are and more. You need to be clear about the influence and buzz as well as where it is coming from. Always take the 80/20 approach to the content, while consistency needs to be in place.

Follow Social Media Influencers

Following massive sharers or influencers on social media connects with what one is sharing. When celebs and influencers share important data and remain invested in connecting with the audience, the business grows too.  Follow the big linkers and have carefully crafted email outreach to mention them on social media when you get a retweet or post.

One of the biggest ways to build a bigger audience is publishing on off site publications. Opt for guest posting or targeted blogs. Setting up systems for success works. Have an email list to collect subscribers and have a mailing list in place. Calls to action and sharing of widgets are set to garner social shares and email subscribers. A robust suite of tools can also be set-up to increase the amount off social media shares and get calls to action that work.

Robust analytics can be extremely beneficial and this yields informative data from the site to get better advantage of future traffic. Onsite marketing ensures social media profiles are well laid out.

Setting up a content calendar ensures new content can be appended, scheduled and integrated with the team as well. Once the guidelines are in place, get the biggest bang for your buck through posting. Start publishing against content calendar, attracting new readers from different audience segments. Focus on linkers, shares and critics alike. Link through guest posts, social shares and more.

Marketing= Stories You Tell

Marketing is all about stories, according to American author, marketing specialist and entrepreneur Seth Godin. Content is considered a source for providing information about the recent products and sales offers for customers across the globe. Considering updates like Google Panda and Penguin, you need to ensure content is original, relevant and fresh.

Consider lead generation and use innovative content forms to educate customers through e-books, webinars, real life events, white papers, image galleries and consumer-case studies. Guest articles, videos, blogging, podcast, media coverage, social media and PR are some of the common means consumers use content to access information about new and preferred brands. User generated content is an added bonus. For example, Burberry allows audiences to post their wonderful experiences with the fashion label through The Art of the Trench.

Encouraging customers to share their shopping experiences and uploading pictures ensures the generation of free content.

Subscription Growth

Ultimately, business owners need to look at increase in the number of email subscribers for brands. Call to action buttons on the site enable customers to take action.

What To Forget

A Quick Fix

Decisions about content-marketing strategies need to make sense for the brand and the business. The content will not be valuable to customers otherwise. Marketing through content is a solution that takes years of dedication to be efficient. If you are thinking posting a blog or an article is a quick fix, think again. Numerous companies give up when they lack immediate results.

Improving search rankings is only possible when content holds value.

No Cheap Advertising

If you seek cheap advertising, marketing using content is not the Pathwwway Gambling solution. Marketing using content generates three times the list of traditional marketing and costs 62 percent less than conventional marketing. But it clearly requires an investment.

All Content Works To Generate Sales

Another important thing to forget is assuming all content works to address various stages in the buyer funnel and lead customers down the path to the purchase. If you want to make direct sales, content is not king. It is only a means of generating sales and creating dedicated content to make a sale.

Zero Analytics

If your content is generated without analytics in place, it can work well. But if analytics are not working, content will backfire. No strategy, zero analytics and lack of understanding can create content mismatch and not meet the preferences of clients.

Why More Is Less

Content means quality, not quantity. Piling on detailed information without designing content keeping client needs and preferences in mind will not work. Content is meant to be marketed, not shared indiscriminately. Additionally, content is more than blogs or articles. It includes visual content, infographics, images and videos too. So, if you think tons of unidimensional written content, without visuals in tow, or spread content around in the hopes that it will catch the client’s eye instead of targeting the audience will work, think again!