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How Do You Increase The Efficacy Of An Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing remains one of the most important and efficient ways to reach new and existing customers. But connecting with your audience is easier said than done. How do you go about improving the efficiency of email marketing strategies? Here to help you on how to maximise your business benefits using emails as a mode of marketing, this guide will highlight the key ways you can increase the efficacy of your marketing campaign.

#1 Segment Email Lists

The first important step you need to take is to segment your mailing list. Different customers have different interests and priorities ranging from news to events and coupons. It is important to see the nature of the email matches the requirements of the person you are sending it to. For example, if you offer discounts for students or seniors, consider dividing the email list in terms of age group. Providing relevant messages can lead to higher click through rates and less chances of being unsubscribed.

#2 Ensure Emails are Mobile Friendly

Research by Pathwwway Gambling shows that a wide percent of people will detect if an email does or does not display correctly on a mobile device. To avoid missing out on rapidly rising number of email users on the smartphone, you need a mobile optimized content that is eye catching and engaging on the smartphone. Marketers need to opt for designs ad topographies  that work well with vertical scrolls and enable easy scanning. The calls to action buttons need to be easily tapped and therefore, visible.

Email marketing services permit sellers to test how messages look across devices and inboxes that display the design correctly whenever it is sent. If an email service that does not let you test messages is being used, try designing a responsive email to begin with. Brands most responsive to mobile design are more likely to have higher click to open rates than those which have not implemented a smartphone friendly design.

#3 Have a Point Man To Respond to Emails

No one likes receiving emails from an automated no-reply service. A majority of subscribers open an email based on whom it is from. For a better response rate, you need to involve marketing or customer service reps. Messages from the CEO also score, when it comes to click through rates and prevention of bouncing of the email.

#4 Subject Lines Need to be Informative, But Brief

A compelling yet brief subject line can have a lot of benefits. Win or lose based on how appealing your subject line is, when it comes to marketing through email. Spell out an offer customers find irresistible and cater to needs of specific customers with a segmented mailing list. Contacts will respond positively to emails, if they have short subject lines and are not truncated. Short subjects drive urgency and motivate customers to open the mail. They also intrigue the reader.

#5 Customised Emails: When The Personal Touch Works

A barrage of emails without customisation don’t resonate well with contacts. Personalisation, when done correctly, can encourage contacts to open emails and interact with content within. Adding first names to subject lines, rather than generic content is more likely to get a positive response rate. More recipient data based personalisation can make a campaign more impactful. Subscribers want relevant messages that interest them and appeal to their unique interests. Personalising in email marketing increases click rate and statistics show that personalised subject lines were 26% more likely to be opened.

#6 Clear Calls to Action Motivate Customers

A big mistake in marketing using emails is to lack a clearly defined CTA. Whether you are driving traffic to your home site, getting individuals to call a number or submit a form, a reader cannot react if understanding the call to action takes more than 5 seconds. While designing an email for marketing campaigns, it is essential to create a simply understood call to action.

When it comes to engaging customers and prospects email works better than mobile, social media, display or even search engine marketing, as long as the message is read and reacted to. Brands need to focus on opening rates, click-through rates and forwarding to assess the success of the email in promoting their product or service.

#7 Focus On Open Rates That Are Impressive

Open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened the email that is marketing your product or service. It indicates how subscribers care about content sent to them. Resending the email can work. So can testing delivery times and schedule email delivery at a time more users are likely to be online. Select slots that yield higher open rates. By segmenting emails on the basis of demographics, customer behaviour, sign up date, client data and more, it becomes easy to target the right audience. Further, the words that trigger spam filters need to be cut out.  Creating a clear, consistent message that delivers value to your client is important.

#8 CTR Is CPR for Your Marketing Campaign

An email click through is when the recipient clicks an email link. Delivering a clear message and avoiding ambiguity is the key to engaging clients and raise click-through rates. Emails need to be mobile responsive as well and evince interest from them. Increase click-through rates by providing information that raises curiosity levels. Insert a video, add multiple appealing calls to action, extend the offer to recipient networks and grow your audience.  Replace calls to action alone with buttons for forwarding the email to friends too. Use custom social media linking to encourage recipients and reach a wider audience through organic means by sharing through social media channels and networks.

#9 Verify Your Email List on a Regular Basis

This is another reason Pathwwway Gambling cross checks data. It is possible to make a mistake, provide fake emails or change to a new email ID. All of these can cause your marketing efforts to miss out rather than hitting targets. Running the mailing list through a verification and scrubbing service on a regular basis ensures you are working with a genuine audience.

#10 Test Deployment Times, Communicate Well

For communicating well, you need to find effective ways to get the point across. The most important consideration here is that you need to send off the email to your list only after ascertaining the correct deployment times. Try using emojis or fun-filled phrases to grab attention. Have a double opt in list too. Apart from this, you need to ensure that the email template you follow is customised and responsive.