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Increase the equity and quality of your site with content marketing

Do you have a small budget, but big dreams for your business’s website? Many small businesses find themselves in the same position without guidance on where to turn next. Do not give up hope, just get a little smarter and learn inventive ways to capture your target audience without going bankrupt. Pathwwway content marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods for businesses without a lot of funds. You do not need a Coca-Cola-sized budget and a team of a dozen people to ramp up your content and drive more traffic to your website.

Simple Content Marketing That Makes an Impact

Compelling content does not need to be super fancy or over produced. Simple, straightforward content can be impactful if you understand your target audience and speak directly to them. A great example of simple content marketing is the video gamer, comedian, and YouTube sensation, PewDiePie.

None of his videos demonstrate impressive videographer or video editing skills, but he still has almost 50 million channel subscribers. He also earns several million dollars a year. PewDiePie proves you do not need to pour a lot of money into producing content. Only that you need to know your target audience, what they like, and how to keep their attention.  

Four Pathwwway Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Storytelling

Maybe you cannot produce and release an animated short film that looks straight out of Hollywood, but your business still has an interesting story to tell. Finding ways to integrate storytelling into your content marketing strategies is not a new concept. Businesses have used storytelling for years because it is truly the best way to connect with people on a personal level. That personal connection humanizes your business, especially when the stories are told in an authentic and relaxed manner.

Think about where the founder of your business, or you, came up with that first idea. Did they struggle to launch? What hurdles did they need to overcome in order to get the business off the ground? The business’s origin story tells people who you are and how they can relate to you. If they can relate to you, they can trust you. If they can trust you, they are more likely to buy from you or use your services.

You can even fashion your story in the style of the hero’s journey, a popular story structure used by novelists, playwrights, and screenwriters alike. The three-arc story structure starts with the before moment when life was hard and you felt unsure. It moves into the conflict stage where you felt something needed to change after an epiphany moment. Finally, you get to the resolution of your story. How the problem was solved and how you succeeded in your endeavor. The story does not need to be long to be powerful and you can always look to an outside writer to help turn your journey into a memorable tale.

  1. Influencer Marketing

That outside help may come in the form of a single influencer with multiple skills rather than several different employees covering the distinct aspects of your content marketing strategy. An influencer brings the audience to you. They also can help generate quality content with storytelling, spread your brand across social media sites, or find more effective methods for communicating with your target audiences.

Influencers are the key leaders in your visible marketing campaign, driving your business’s message to the larger market. They are more than word-of-mouth marketers. Influencers do not just tell individuals about your business, they influence those individuals to become promoters amongst their friends and family. The job of an influencer then is not to only promote your business to people, but to get other people to advocate on behalf of your company within their own social groups. 

  1. Focus on Your Audience

Building an audience within your targeted demographics is the fundamental goal of content marketing. That’s the point of all the content, to get visitors onto your website. When you consistently build and communicate with your audience, they will remember you when it comes time to purchase products or use services that you provide. Content marketing is not fast and flashy like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which quickly draws many new visitors to your website because its influence grows slowly over time.

Part of building your audience is knowing where to look for them. If your target audience falls into the over 50 categories, it is safe to say you do not need to focus on sharing information over Snapchat or Pinterest. Be selective in where you invest your content marketing strategy. For most businesses, you can stick to only one or two, maybe three, social media and content platforms outside your website.

Knowing which social media platforms your audience prefers, what blogs or publications they read online, or even what forums and podcasts they enjoy can be valuable information. It tells you where the people you want to target gather online, so you can gear your content toward their preferred types and locations. Do not waste energy writing blogs for people who prefer podcasts, or Pinterest posts for people who use Facebook. You greatly increase the equity and quality of your website when the right content reaches the right people in the right place. 

  1. Write a Book

Writing a book is an underrated, but successful content marketing strategy many businesses forget or think they cannot pull off. Not every business would benefit from a book, but many will. Especially those working in the B2B industry or anyone selling complex products or services. A book gives you a chance to really sell your business in an entertaining and compelling format.

A book functions as a multipurpose content marketing tool. It builds your business’s authority on the subject or within your industry. A book gets you a much larger audience, like readers on Amazon. The information contained within it can be reformatted for use in other content marketing like presentations. Or give it as a gift to new and prospective customers to demonstrate your value.

Do not fret if you possess no writing skills whatsoever. Most businesses do not even try to write a book in-house. They hire a competent ghostwriter to make the concept a workable reality. Your business’s name can still appear in the byline of the book even if you did not write it.