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How Has Internet Marketing Changed Since Facebook?

On February 4 in the year 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Thefacebook to enable Harvard students to get to know each other. This social network expanded to include the entire world, even as Napster founder and angel investor Sean Parker changed the name of this company to just Facebook. Parker also became the first president of the company. It is a successful social networking site that has gained popularity in very little time and impacted internet marketing in multiple ways.

Facebook has helped digital businesses to market the business in a massive way, using a restricted budget and reaching the target audience easily. Form the marketing point of view, it is the best tool for internet marketing. Businesses are really getting ahead when it comes to Facebook as a marketing platform.

#1 Creating a Business Page For Free

The Facebook business page can be created for free. With over 1.7 billion users at the latest count, your business gets to access a wide global audience. Creating a page is the easiest way to promote the business, acquire leads and connect with your existing audience. It is a free marketing tool which enables businesses to share posts, videos, images, offerings and other information about the product which can be shared with the audience. It is the easiest way to connect and create awareness about a brand, Pathwwway white paper or product. It helps to gain consumer confidence and foster a unique brand image.

#2 Targeted Niche Audience

Facebook marketing campaigns are oriented towards specifying the audience as per the need. Tools are provided by Facebook and can be utilised in specific ways to choose the audience. With the audience in place, information related to the interest of the business can be gleaned. This social network is also a cost effective way to market products.  Through the targeting of a particular audience type, you reach out to those who are interested in your product in the first place. Filter the audience and create ads for those with similar interests, page preferences and needs.

#3 Creating Brand Awareness

Facebook also helps in creating awareness about the brand. Real time metrics are in place to measure reach and attention of consumers and devise new ways to provide maximal exposure to the brand. Using ad campaigns, a larger audience can be targeted in an appropriate manner. The business page is where the brand can be shared and products publicised. It also offers real time tools to detect how people perceive your brand. Responding to feedbacks and queries online has changed the customer service forever.

#4 Cost Efficient Marketing

Changing the world of digital marketing, Facebook has revolutionised cost-effective, viral marketing that meets its mark. It is ideal for businesses with limited marketing budgets. Business houses can run trail ad campaigns to test market reactions before shifting to high budget marketing. Facebook enables internet marketers such as Pathwwway Gambling to target audiences free of cost and get potential customers. This is budget friendly and allows the setting of a daily budget. Marketing on Faceboook is cheaper than on other digital medias.

#5 Boosting Website Traffic

Linking the websites to the Facebook posts boosts traffic. Fans can click the link and be directed to your site, More efficient marketing messages are in place and there is an alternative to showcase merchandise and publicise ventures. Clients reaching your site through Facebook are more interested in the product as well and motivated to tap site interfaces. Eventually, it is the traffic which is engaged rather than prospects who need to be persuaded. Conversion rates in digital media have also grown exponentially as a result of Facebook.

#6 Creative Ads

Facebook is a unique online marketing medium that lets you post content, transfer pictures and recording on to the business page. This raises the amount of interaction with clients and prospects, making it easier to display products and services through the medium of a virtual storefront. Customising the business page is easy and clients can tag photographs and products for enhanced visibility across their network of connections. Entrepreneurs and businesses can incorporate Facebook to stay in touch with new trends and latest news as well. Advancing and promoting a business has become so much easier with the introduction of Facebook, especially tools like Facebook Video and Facebook Messenger.

#7 A Profusion of Online Tools

Facebook has played a pivotal role in automating internet marketing. It is hard to find an internet marketer who has not incorporated Facebook into his or her strategy. Facebook offers social sharing, comments plugin, live stream, activity feed and much more. Facebook has also changed the way content is shared with online users. From Facebook page to notes page, newsfeeds, milestone and events calendar and photo or video page, there are many ways visitors can share and promote your content (and your product) online.

#8 Facebook And Mobile Marketing

Facebook has also made online marketing app-friendly. With over 1 billion internet users actively logging on, and Facebook site generating 1 trillion views per month for its pages, it’s responsive, mobile first interface is an added attraction. Mobile monetisation and location data have been incorporated into current strategies for business.

Facebook offers impressive branding and fuels market penetration across digital mediums ranging from online to television, radio, ebooks and online magazines as well, permeating every form of mass media. This is what a buying public expects to see and the success that social networking channels like Facebook bring about are phenomenal in scale too.

#9 Two-Way Communication

Unlike regular marketing methods, which offer only one way channels of communication, consumers now have a voice. Regardless of whether a brand shares posts on a daily or any other basis, marketers get the instant real time feedback about strategies or products. Humanising the marketing persona, Facebook co-creates marketing content. Additionally, consumers can now speak their mind online at social media sites like Facebook.  The aim is to foster insights and  ideas that promote in depth engagement.

Marking the Era of Active Listening

Facebook has spurred the acquisition of new customers and heightened attentiveness to existing ones. Facebook also intensifies client engagement and social listening. Rather than spending money on surveys or focus groups, brands simply log online and actively attend to client feedback. Anytime the business is mentioned online, Facebook tags serve to highlight the post and create a deeper interaction between the customer and the brand. Clearly, Facebook is a catalyst that has served to accelerate and transform internet marketing strategies online.