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What Should Your Marketing Objectives Be For The First 6 Months Of 2018?

Marketing objectives makes all the difference to campaign impact. From building credibility to establishing expertise, marketing goals and plans can affect a business’s growth trajectory in more ways than one. Prospects look for experience and expertise when it comes to brands. You need to market your firm as a one stop solution for all their needs. Increasing brand visibility improves credibility and customers return for repeat business. Building instant brand recognition and recall forms the core of effective marketing in 2018, when an ultra competitive ecosystem forces businesses to think ahead of the curve. As digital technologies evolve, apps and wearables are turning into marketing mediums. Here’s what Pathwwway White Label say you can plan for your marketing strategies in the first 6 months of 2018, to ensure a brand that prospers forever,

#1 Focus on Boosting Business Credibility

Your marketing objectives should essentially be to build trust through online reputation management and boost business credibility. This can work through the publishing of case studies on services provided to target audiences, social proof through customer reviews, product videos and testimonials and blogs or articles which harness the power of content to establish your reputation as a market leader. Participating in industry events is critical to bring about instant brand recall.

#2 Establish Your Brand Power

Become the Apple of the tech world or the Deloitte of the auditors by setting yourself apart from the competition. Marketing efforts in 2018 need to focus on consistency in branding as this fosters trust with those who observe it. Consistency ensures that audiences become aware of the type of expectations from firms and services and whether the brand delivers on its commitments. Trust is the most important marketing currency in 2018. So, all your marketing messages in print, digital, audio or live ensure consistency with the brand and message one shares with clients.

#3 Client Acquisition and Retention Should Be the Focus

If growth and expansion are aimed for in 2018, your business needs to generate prospects, attain high conversion rates and retain existing customers. Whether your business seeks profits or progress, you need to generate quality content for attracting specific target audiences. Automated follow-up sequences are equally essential for providing customised, targeted content for interested prospects. Pre qualification of leads helps in conversion and discovering a ready audience for your products and services.

#4 Study Past Successes For Future Growth

Evaluate your marketing efforts in 2017 to gain an understanding of whether you met business objectives. Objectives need to be evaluated for using past precedents to set future standards. Following this, you need to redefine objectives and goals for working towards fresh target. Your goals need to be measurable, otherwise you cannot check if your efforts are paying off.

#5 Have a Plan in Place

Having a plan beforehand in place is important. For example, if you want to attract sales across the holiday season, you need to start a campaign well in advance. Planning and execution of the campaign is only successful if it is carefully thought out and well conceived.

#6 Refresh Marketing Collaterals

A new year is a time for a fresh start. There is nothing better than starting the year afresh with a spring cleaning session and this includes the marketing collateral as well. Get new images, fresh content and update your site, social media channels and sales brochures to sustain interest, not just catch the customer’s eye.

#7 Add the Personal Touch

Marketers have understood that consumers are driven by the need for personalisation in this digital age. Customisation through the use of Big Data can make a solid impact on sales and marketing. Dynamic sites featuring smart marketing automation also improve on older static content, with dynamic content insertions noted in as many as 4 in 10 marketing campaigns. Personalisation needs to be direct to gain potency. It also helps marketers to respond and adapt to customer fears and needs.

#8 Live Engagement Brings the Brand To Life

A sharper shift towards product videos and live chat has marked the age of personalised marketing. Even social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are used for harnessing everything from social media login frequency to browsing history to gain deeper insights on how to engage clients.

Increased user involvement in commenting, video sharing, connecting to events and liking has also been the new mantra for marketing success. To become personable, brands need to go past bland storytelling and have a user generated flavour. From case studies to customer testimonials, the objective should be to demonstrate proof of success.

#9 Get the Maximum Out of Micro Moments

The appeal of micro moments and wow experiences in marketing was stressed by Google in 2015. Since then, the relentless aim of marketing professionals has been to refine micro moment management as far as depth of customer support and frequency as well as experience are measured. The understanding of digital psychology matters, when it comes to being responsive and delivering the right content at the right time.

#10 Make Sales Happen With Apps

With close to 4 billion worldwide using social apps and an estimated 2 billion messages generated through over the top applications in 2018, social mantra has become the latest buzzword in marketing on the move. The objective is to provide secure, instant, real time connection popular with millennials demanding collaboration and transparency. Businesses depend on social messaging as a direct communications tool for reaching out to consumers and stayin linked.

#11 Pop Ups Finally Go Bust!

The demise of annoying pop up adverts has made it essential to strike off this mainstream brand ad technique from your itinerary in 2018. Pop ups will be replaced by more cross device responsive native ads. Users appreciate the content which adds relevance and creates a sense of identification with the brand.

#12 Understanding the Target Market

How do the target buyer personas work out for a brand? This is the million dollar question for Pathwwway White Label marketers in 2018 and it should form the core of their objectives too. The steps prospects go through before making the purchase is important. Sales processes need to match what prospects purchase. Sales processes need to be focused well. The sales and marketing alignment ensures that the process can be changed to accelerate deals across the funnels.