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Marketing solutions for businesses

A persuasive marketing campaign requires time, thought, and lots of information to be productive. If you are a small company, looking to outside experts usually costs too much money and trying to learn how to do it all by yourself requires too much time. Investing in software to help automate the campaign eliminates both of these issues and keeps your business on track to succeed. Check out the softwares that Pathwwway marketing recommends to take your campaigns to the next level.

Six Recommended Softwares to Satisfy Your Business’s Pathwwway Marketing Needs  

  1. Salesforce

Implementing an easily navigable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a helpful step before launching a full-scale Pathwwway marketing campaign. A CRM system documents all of your customers with their contact information in manageable accounts. It tracks all interactions between every individual customer and your business and, therefore, acts as a well of information to source for the campaign.

Track customer histories, add notes, and schedule periodic follow-ups with your clients through the CRM system. One of the best platforms to use for this is Salesforce. The many features standard with Salesforce make it a CRM powerhouse. It also integrates with other useful business softwares popular today to collect, store, and search through the information gained from these other softwares within Salesforce. 

  1. LeadGenius

If you want to start a direct mail Pathwwway marketing campaign for your company, you will soon discover the frustration of finding quality contacts that generate actual sales. Using a program like LeadGenius to generate prosperous contact databases by sourcing publicly available data puts the names of the most likely buyers into the hands of your sales team.

When you know a person already generated interest in products or services similar to the ones provided by your business, every cold call or email becomes more effective and prevents your team from wasting time. The software tracks all of your attempts. It allows you to quantify the results of the ask and apply the learned information to better your campaign. 

  1. MailChimp

Once you secure a viable list of potential customers, you want to contact them in a compelling and professional manner that inspires them to buy from you. MailChimp is a web-based, email service that permits you to design newsletters sent via email, posted on your social media networks, or integrated into some of the services already in use by your business. It is free if you have less than 2,000 customers to email, which is ideal for small businesses.

The advantages of using an email Pathwwway marketing service are that you can send bulk emails without them ending up in the spam folder on the other side and you receive individual alerts if your email does not reach certain names along with why. You also get the security of knowing the service follows all required privacy laws. It also sends automatic surveys asking why someone cancels their newsletter subscription. The newsletters are compatible across multiple email services and devices with links to web versions if they do not want to read it in their email. Finally, Mailchimp also lets you know who read the email with additional analytics about delivery and opening rates presented in easily understood graphs.  

  1. Referral Rock

Referral Rock provides another way to stay connected to your business’s established network and then tapping into it to create a powerful referral program. The program firstly tracks your sales both online and offline. It lets you identify the best reward triggers and test out different eligibility rules with the subsequent learned data. Referral Rock lets you personalize your entire experience from using your own logo to the basic look of the program.

Once you garner all that information, you can set up and run multiple “refer-a-friend” Pathwwway marketing campaigns at the same time. The software notifies you about changes in vital statistics as it tracks all the data. You can send customers gift cards, coupons, or Paypal them money as rewards for their referrals directly through the system. It even lets you automate follow-up emails based on the last action a customer took in their previous email. 

  1. Hootsuite

The importance of social media to your marketing efforts cannot be underscored, but the amount of time and energy it takes to update your followers usually means hiring a dedicated worker. When you are a small business, you may not have the funds or the time to do this properly. Purchasing a program like Hootsuite to interact with and monitor your many social media accounts can pay out huge in the long run.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts across more than one platform at a time, meaning you get to write your posts all in one go whenever you choose without waiting to post them at the specific time you want them posted. Another benefit is choosing when your post goes live rather than when you happen to be recording, so the post pops up when your followers should most likely view it. 

  1. SalesAutoPilot

eCommerce businesses who sell their products online would greatly benefit from a marketing automation tool like SalesAutopilot. They also offer tailored services for agencies or consultancies, companies that sell digital products, and those who provide event services offline. Create order forms, manage product inventory, release polls and surveys to your customers, send market segments emails, and then measure all the results collected.

SalesAutopilot integrates with Content Management Systems (CMS) and your online website to pull all your leads, orders, and sign-ups into the program. It has a personalized landing page editor with tons of attractive and easy-to-use templates for beginners. Place social media buttons on your landing and Facebook pages, or in emails. The best part of SalesAutopilot for eCommerce businesses is the smart automation that handles all your orders, accepts and remembers credit card payments, and automatically sends invoices after the payments are validated. 

The Pathwwway marketing experts believe you can never have enough data on your customers and these reputable marketing softwares can make the collection, storing, and digestion of all that data easier than ever.