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Online Marketing: What Is The Best Place To Start Advertising Your New Business?

New businesses of the internet age can bank upon online marketing to popularize their brand effectively in the midst of competition. Advertising worries of new businesses are put at ease, taking a meaningful departure from traditional offline advertising methods that are far-fetched and less impactful while catering to overseas audiences. Some of the prime online Pathwwway Panama platforms that can be used by new businesses have been handpicked.

Youtube and Flickr

Nothing stimulates audiences like visual appeal. It is also economical to post tutorials on product usage or live streaming of videos. You-tube advertising is not free and you would need to pay a cost-per-view charge in order to upload videos and engage your audiences. However, with a visitor rate of over one billion, the cost is easily justified. Though Flickr is not a direct sales tool, creating a Flickr profile and uploading a range of photos and videos will earn the required publicity for your new business.


Instagram is the digital hub for promoting image based advertising for your new business. These non-intrusive ads are well connected with several other platforms like Shopify and Facebook. Almost all mobile users have instagram accounts and it is an excellent way to reach people on the go. It provides options for both free and paid advertising that differ in terms of reach-out and coverage.

Blogging and guest blogging

These are intensive “pull” marketing strategies that believe in educating and enlightening the customer thereby giving a gentle nudge to make an informed purchase decision. Pathwwway Panama blogging is not direct advertising. Posting blogs on relevant and general subjects in an unbiased manner and also inviting people as guest bloggers will promote your new business better in terms of search engine visibility.


LinkedIn is an interactive social site where professionals network with each other. It is imperative as a new business entrepreneur to put your LinkedIn account to its fullest use, by adding details on your business, product line and presentations. LinkedIn groups represent a community of enlightened professionals who may come of use in lead cultivation. The Premium account at LinkedIn is a paid version that can place your brand effectively among professionals.

Social Media

The most popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to mention a few. Social media posts are very important to promote your business to global communities. It is also a great place to harvest for leads and connections. Placing Facebook ads is another area for consideration by new businesses, that will expose the products to global audiences. By opening a social media page, new businesses can also communicate effectively with their customers and can ensure interactive rapport-building with existing and prospective customers. Social media presence has the effect of viral marketing across different geographies. They are excellent for new product launch and also to promote the USP of your existing products.

Emailing software options: Mail chimp, Send Grid

Email marketing is still the heart of targeted marketing. It is a low cost means of reaching to a wide area of the target market and is ideal for advertising your new business. Mass mailing enables new businesses to reach to thousands of customers at the click of a button. Customized email advertising campaigns can be crafted in beautiful textures with embedded images, perfect for promoting a new business idea.

Content marketing sites like Medium and Quora

Creating an account in sites like Medium and Quora will enable you to remain on the top of industry trends. These are excellent places to post your content on ideas and strategies for small and upcoming businesses. These sites are combed by people in search of information and every time you get readers hooked to your post will result in effective link-building. Placing keyword-centric and useful information will enable your business gain influence on Google SERPs, which is the most economical way to gain popularity for your business.

Get reviewed by Tripadvisor

If your business belongs to the hospitality or the travel sector, Tripadvisor is the place to be. It is the world’s  largest review site that independently and critically reviews and rates businesses. Getting your business listed with Trip Advisor will not only help in enlightening your prospective customers but also gives businesses the power to influence their booking decisions with informed advice from the site.


Yelp is a popular demography-based reporting and online marketing tool with which you can reach to thousands of customers who turn to the sites for candid customer reviews. Getting your business listed on yelp will add trust and credibility to your brand, in addition to engaging audiences from multiple target markets.

Ted Talks

Unleash the public speaker in you by becoming a webinar specialist. People all over the world turn to webinars to get first hand information on topics of their choice. Engaging people with knowledge and information, can make customers impressed with professional talk on any subject. It is an excellent way to educate public, giving away useful information while it can be indirectly as a brand promotion tactic. However, the exercise can be ventured only if you possess relevant hold on the subject you wish to delve into.

The power of online marketing for local businesses

Local Listings for your business like Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local will enable your business to capture local markets. These are the specialized search machines that people use to find a place near their vicinity to go in for those spur-of-moment purchases. Many businesses still think that online marketing is still for capturing only the overseas markets.

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other low-cost options like White and Yellow Pages, Foursquare and Angie’s List, to mention a few that can be used by  new businesses to further visibility on the virtual landscape. Whether you wish to global or local, online marketing paraphernalia are abundant and present some of the most impact and measurable ways to advertise your new business and evaluate them with clear analytics.