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Is Online Marketing Your Most Effective Tool?

Online marketing aligns with the way clients make decisions to buy a product, service or brand story. Gartner’s research found that a rising number of consumers use research on mobile internet and social media to test the waters regarding product price before making the final choice. Web marketing, therefore, smooth sailing, enabling customers and prospects to form a positive relationship with the brand. Low cost, regular personalised communications characteristics of online promotions create openings for the business 24/7. Here’s why online marketing is the most effective tool for business growth.

#1 Wider Reach

Through marketing on the internet, barriers of distance can be overcome. Goods can be sold in any country without setting up outlets on a local scale. This widens the target market, and opens it up, without relying on distributors in different countries. Translation and product modification online reflects local market differences in the marketing campaign online.

#2 Lower Cost

Another positive factor is the cost. Marketing products online costs less than marketing them through physical retail outlets. Along with extended market visibility and presence online, marketing professionals cut down on cost of property maintenance. Purchasing stocks for display at a store are not required, so cutting down on inventory costs becomes easy.

#3 Greater Personalisation

Marketing channels online enable personalisation of offers to customers through the creation of a profile based on their buying preferences and purchase history. Through web pages and product information clicked on by prospects, companies can market and make targeted offers with high conversion rate. Information available from tracking site visits also plays a critical role in creating cross-selling and upselling campaigns for the customer.

#4 Relationship Building

The online world provides a critical platform for creating a long standing trust and bond with customers and increasing the chances of retaining customers. Email marketing and keeping in touch with the customer online can work wonders. So can having online product reviews and customer testimonials, as these build a sense of community and maintain a relationship with the client.

#5 Go Social, Whether Local or Global

Online marketing has paved the way for companies to cash in on the social media revolution. The link between online revenue growth and social networking is reflected in research conducted by Harvard Business School which found that customers responded most strongly to social networks and this raised sales by as much as 5 percent. Marketing campaigns online can, therefore, work well through the use of social media and networking tools.

Consider the droves of followers on these social media sites. Online marketing highlights the brand beyond local areas and targets consumers globally too. The website permits connecting with customers all over the world and garner the interest of a wide prospect base. Businesses are accessible to millions of clients online through web based marketing. Through methods like PPC, Social media marketing, blog or content marketing and email promotions, brands can achieve worldwide dominance. As the brand grows online, it attracts leads and profits offline as well.

#6 Attract Targeted Visitors

Web based marketing draws in clients who need your products and services in an automated and targeted manner. Intelligent marketing campaigns online grab the attention and influence buying behaviour within the marketing domain without lowering client fulfilment. Web based marketing ensures continuity. Persistent and repeated exposure of marketing materials online shapes consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviours in a positive way, exerting a viral impact across generations.

#7 24/7, Round-The-Clock Brand Optimisation and Engagement

Building constructive brand awareness ensures customer loyalty. Apart from utilisation of associations with loyal customers, iconic online appeal is a critical marketing tool for a business. A website with engaging content and elegant composition attracts and retains customer attention. Your marketing campaign can engage customers anytime, anyplace and anywhere with maximum effect. Save cost and time through email adverts, blog promos and web based social networks with less investment, as against traditional methods of advertising.

#8 Measure Your Impact, Know Your Brand Value

Measurable and automated, online ads ensure that a direct link is established between sales, traffic growth, marketing and leads as well as deals from specific search advertising methods. Measure the success of your online campaign using advanced analytics available to analyse the phenomenal value created as a result of marketing efforts. An online audit helps to assess how well the marketing campaign is performing. For instance, companies such as Pathwwway gamble on using metrics to assess a campaign’s viability and outcomes.

#9 Powerful in Demographic Targeting

Get real time results and measure reactions of particular demographics, evaluating how successful your campaign has been. Understanding through new online tools and platforms as to how to focus on particular buyer demographics. See real time results that enable you to adjust your marketing campaign to gain the result you need.

Real time monitoring on a continuous basis enables you to find out where your marketing campaign is failing. Marketing online is convenient as it ensures easy accessibility and expels the cost of transportation to purchase products and services or market them.

#10 Helps in Follow Ups and After Sales

In traditional marketing, clients have to get back regarding services and products. But online campaigns and methods ensure that you can access purchasers and leads at the click of a mouse and engage in follow up marketing to establish an after sales relationship with current buyers and loyal customers.

#11 Useful For Multitasking

A core advantage of this form of marketing is the capacity of the business to be able to attend to customers across channels and vast numbers. Huge numbers of buying and selling transactions take place within the virtual platform that functions at all hours of the day and night. Therefore, web based marketing is cost efficient and influences positive customer attitudes through email marketing, blog marketing and social media marketing with lower investment as against traditional marketing. Web linked marketing enables setting up of a campaign in a way that is convenient.  Single mouse-clicks or swipes of a tab are enough to get the message across at lightening fast speeds, via marketing campaigns online. Convenience, ease of delivery and quick service make it the perfect tool for businesses that want to thrive.

Marketing Online= Innumerable Benefits Offline

Marketing campaigns online offer a plethora of tools for businesses to grow and prosper. From automation to quick service delivery and seamless connect with audiences worldwide, online promotions have a lot of benefits for any business, from an eCommerce leader to a brick and mortar retail unit. Negotiating choppy waters can be tough for any business. In today’s competitive scenario, marketing online can keep the problems at bay and secure a smooth positive growth trajectory for businesses that seek unlimited growth and stable profits.