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How To Set Out Your Mission Statement When Branding Your New Company?

Branding forms the core of any modern company’s vision for success. Additionally, branding needs to align with the purpose and values of the business or the organisation. If your brand has to stand for value, the mission statement needs to ensure customers served and promises made are delivered on. The mission statement defines the purpose of work and the impact one intends to have on the world around them. It states what the business focus area is and the approach followed as one aims to achieve the aspirational vision for the organisation or business. The mission serves as a route to follow the vision roadmap.

Consider the mission statement of LinkedIn, the leading professional networking site. It aims to ensure productivity and success by connecting the world’s professionals. Additionally the vision and tag-line focuses on how relationships matter.  Here are the steps from Pathwwway Panama that you need to take while developing your brand identity and its associated mission statement.

#1 Clarify Your Values

The values your organisation follows are critical for forming the mission statement. In essence, this is the belief about one’s responsibility to others.  The values listed can serve the principles steering decisions and strategies. The mission statement reflects the company vision, which in turn voices the reason why the business exists. Making operational changes, updating the logo, revising the marketing message or undertake tactical or strategic changes does not impact the vision which remains stable.

Consider questions like how your organisation values work, what changes it aims for what benefits products and services deliver is the key.

#2 Define Your Mission

The vision is the dream while the mission is the reality. The mission achieves aspirations and there is  a focus on the following areas: who the consumers being targeted are, the nature of uniqueness, the values, greater good or benefits promised.  The mission statement needs to be as distinctive as possible. The Instagram mission statement for example, focuses on how the social media channel captures and shares the world’s important moments.

#3 Giving Your Brand a Soul

Mission statements help brands like Pathwwway Panama construct a new reality and make important connections with the public. It works to create exceptional customer and employee experiences that serve as stepping stones for your business to get profitability while ensuring brand promotions.

#4 Understand the Brand’s Purpose

At the core of the fresh startup or new business is the mission. The company’s purpose, the difference it aims to make in the world and the reason for its existence makes a difference in the way the world can be defined in the mission statement.

A  good mission statement creates strong brand differentiation and inspires brand engagement and consumer passion. The strong mission statement also enables employees to figure out the fit between their professional and organisational goals. Align the focus with a mission statement that creates a deep understanding of the deliverables and why it is the key driver of organisational performance and a strong business predictor.

#5 Inspire the Community

A strong mission statement has the power to inspire the community. Your mission statement should reflect strategic partnerships with other brands and vice versa. The partnership or influencer seeking to make a difference to your organisation should align with the mission. In case the business is committed to eco-tourism, it does not make sense to promote a partnership with a fuel guzzling brand.

Stronger mission statements are those which ensure your brand invests energy and time as well as resources into bringing you closer to the purpose. While formulating the schemes, you need to ask your business how you want to achieve, for whom and by what means.

Strong values define company culture and the mission statement. It forms your organisational culture and drives the choices your business makes.

#6 Humanise Your Brand

The mission statement also needs to turn brand’s vision and values into a definite construct for customers, not an abstract notion. It humanises brands and shows customers what the business cares about, what purpose is and where one is headed.

#7 Mission Statements Need to Evolve

The business ecosystem and the corporate world is continuously evolving. As the new company evolves and grows, so will the goals and objectives. You need to review these factors to ensure the mission statement is an accurate reflection of how, what and why your business functions.

#8 Build  a Brand With a Purpose

With every organisation putting together its mission to look at brand purpose, it is important to ensure the mission statement reflects this. A brand’s purpose goes much more deeper than organisational planning and goal setting.

Core purpose is not just a reason for the organisation to be existing, it also reflects the importance people attach to company operations. It taps motivations and goes beyond just money-making for a company. Moving past profits and focusing on growth is the heart of a detailed mission statement that expresses and encompasses company aspirations and gives them life is the key here. Purpose oriented brand development can make a difference to the company’s success and a specific, well defined mission statement goes the distance when it comes to attaining this.

Final Word

The mission statement in relation to brand association focuses on describing how work is carried out and strategies as well as tactics are accomplished. The “how” of business, or its mission statement is the essence of effective operations and brand awareness associated with instant recall and recognition.

When it comes to branding, a mission statement that is well formulated and distinguishing your business from others in the industry serves an invaluable purpose. The focus is on creating the best route possible for the vision roadmap to be followed and the company’s ascension to an upward growth trajectory attained.

A mission statement that humanises the brand can make a big difference to the company’s profits and bottom-lines. It also forms the core of a successful company’s action plan for the future, and needs to constantly evolve with changing times. As technology advances and competition intensifies, the mission statement serves as the how-to guide for the company to progress, evolve and prosper.