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How to target millennials with your email marketing strategy

With every year that goes by Millennials increase their buying power and become a bigger part of the economy. Predictions for 2017 show that Millennials buying power will reach $200 billion per year in the U.S. How does your marketing stand with these potential customers?

With this in mind it’s a good idea to learn what this generation values and the tools you can utilise.

Representing around a quarter of the U.S population, your business may already have customers in this lucrative demographic?

So how can you shift your marketing efforts to get more millennials buying your products or using your service?

Is Email Marketing effective for Millennials?

A question we get asked a lot is “Do Millennials engage with email?”

With millennials so vocal on social media it’s a common question. With many businesses asking if targeting millennials via email is effective.

But hold fire, recent studies have shown that millennials prefer their social networks & messaging platforms to be filled with personal connections from friends and family and not brands!

The studies by Adobe & Adestra and Pathwwway Internet Gaming found that the majority of millennials prefer to engage with brands via email. Another eye-opening fact from Adobe’s study was that millennials reported using email on average up to six hours per day. If that doesn’t say ‘engaged’, we don’t know what does!

Through audience segmentation you can target millennials specifically and ensure that your content is relevant to their values and needs.

Read on to discover techniques that you can use in your to optimize your marketing towards the younger crowd:

1. Incorporate Social Media
Not a revolutionary idea but one worth thinking about. These days social media is actually a pretty effective tool for all generations not just Millennials. With studies back in 2014 finding 63% of all U.S adults used social media platforms.

The trick for targeting Millennials specifically is to pay attention to who is using which platform. Millennials aren’t using Facebook as much as their older counterparts. This tech-savvy generation lead the way in social media trends, they tend to use Instagram and Snapchat a lot more than Facebook and Twitter, with Snapchat being the most used platform for 12-24 year olds in the U.S.

Grow your brands’ social media following by making email marketing content easy to share on social media and adding links to your social accounts.

2. Go Mobile First
The death of desktop is upon us especially with younger Internet users 88% of millennial respondents reported to only checking email via their smartphone!

Millennials are constantly connected to their smartphones and they rarely sit down at a laptop to check email, they’re doing it on the bus, whilst waiting in line and even in bed!

Importantly they’re not just reading email on their smartphones they’re making decisions. Will they trash your email or will they click through?

With that in mind if you’re targeting Millennials design your email campaigns with a mobile first approach. Think about how the content will be displayed on that small screen and make sure all your graphics are fully optimized for mobile devices. No matter how beautiful or thoughtful your photography or illustration is no one is going to wait for a huge image to load!

3. Experiment With Emojis & Hashtags
You can have a lot of fun and try out new techniques when targeting millennials in your email marketing.

Millennials have grown up using emojis and hashtags so they’re not out of place in a business with a younger audience (as long as they’re relevant!) You can do various A/B testing to work out if emojis in subject lines increase open rates.

You can also promote the use of a branded hashtag to generate user content on social media. Create a targeted hashtag campaign around one of your products to boost engagement on visual platforms like Instagram.

4. Authentic content
It’s imperative that you understand the audience you’re marketing to. Millennials have grown up being able to curate their tastes and knowing exactly what content they want to consume and when.

Technology has allowed them to screen calls and watch or listen to what they want, when they want. If your email is full of sales copy, gimmicks and inauthentic you’ll see Millennials unsubscribe and mark you as spam quicker than other generations. Recently studies found that 39% of Millennials want to see fewer emails in their inbox.

When creating content to send to millennials make sure the content is valuable to the audience and has a purpose, also be sure that it’s written in an authentic tone.

5. Test Out Visual Content
It’s proven that Millennials gravitate towards visual content over text-based content. With this in mind experiment with different types of content in your email marketing campaigns to see what’s most effective for your audience.

Adding video to your catalogue of content can also open up new SEO routes for your business. You can also repurpose visual content across platforms it doesn’t just need to go to people’s inbox! Upload your content to your various different channels, but of course be sure to think about appropriate accompanying messages for each of your platforms.

6. Personalized content
All Pathwwway Internet Gaming marketing should be personalized but for millennials this is even more true.

Personalization goes much further than putting someones’ name at the top of an email.

When crafting your email campaign explore the data you have on your recipients and segment your audience even further than just age range.

If you have a mailing list add optional fields for different types of data, like interests, education, etc. It’s well known that millennials are more willing to provide more data than their older counterparts which means you can get more specific in your marketing. However, if you are collecting additional data make sure you do something meaningful with it.

Alongside their data you can also give millennials a choice of what content they’re interested in from your business. Add opt-in preferences in your sign up to find out if your potential customers want, offers, news, feedback forms. You can also be specific and allow subscribers to select frequency of emails.

All of these little preference add up to a very personalized email marketing experience which keeps your millennial subscribers engaged for longer and more likely to make a purchase.